From the pitch to the final version of the script, we receive and analyse your projects in every form. By taking the necessary distance, we strive to highlight the strong points and weaknesses in the narrative line of your stories, to evaluate your artistic and commercial potential but also to find solutions to any problems.

We allow you to keep the necessary distance in order to give you an exhaustive view of the steps to follow, without the risk of missing any.
Generally speaking, Initiative Film creates a link between you and other professionals whom you may not necessarily have been able to identify.
Alongside writing, we tackle the key issues that help to define the identity of a project and its writers’ intentions.

Reading a screenplay is a matter of trust. In this particular context, reading a script can only “be tailor made” because it adapts to the needs of the project itself et not to what the reader expects from his reading. The feedback opens a discussion on the text and its ambitions for the big screen.

Our analyses don’t freeze the text but consider its potential.

Depending on the circumstances, our feedback can occur several times during the process of writing, whether it’s to reassure the author or to gather some new ideas during the producing process.

Each one of our analyses is followed by a discussion.

- Simple notes (2/4 pages) which give an overview of the project in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

- A more global analysis (5/6 pages) which is more precise than the simple notes

- A profound radiography of the project (12/15) : Does the project conform to the initial desire of the screenwriter? This analysis goes beyond the script. It questions the real cinematographic desire behind the writing, its future position on the modern film market, etc.

For every analysis, the first approach is the same but can be precisely different depending on the needs of the project.

- re-question the original idea : what works? What doesn’t work at this stage?
– re-visit with a clear mind the script’s potential and try to find ways to make it better.
When the screenplay is a director’ screenplay, it is important to question him on his artisitic view for his movie.
Every reading can contribute to determine what’s left to do on the project, is the work left to do can be given to someone else, what can be done to help the writer.
Our work doesn’t aim a perfect script but it definitely questions the ad equation between the idea and the one who had it.

Questioning the writing with an analysis can be useful at different steps ; including during the financing process of a feature film, when we know too much about the project and we need to find some perspectives.

Questioning a text doesn’t necessarily conclude in rewriting the project. It’s a decision which needs to be taken by the “team” around the project : the producer(s), the director(s), the screenwriter(s). The analysis can definitely help them to take a decision.

Consultancy « First work”

It’s been 23 years that Initiative Film helps young screenwriters to overcome their weaknesses and make the strengths.

We can help you to make your project better, to question it and to sell it on the market through notes, advises and discussions.


What story and for whom ?

How to find the book that will be the one that you wish to adapt ? According to the specifications that we list together, we draw on literary, dramatic or journalistic sources to offer you the subject that will become the film you wish to produce, direct, write or perform.
Our continually updated literary data bank has been enriched for almost fifteen years now by publishers’ catalogues, literary agents, our own press reviews and a full range of works on an international level .

Closely examined in view of their adaptability to the screen, our hunches and favourites come with a precise report guiding you through the high points of the books we recommend.

We scan past and present international literature production and unveil plots for movies to come.
In 2010, Initiative Film launched its first publishing scrutiny service. This service is now offered in a report format and consistently updated.
Reviewing new publications gives Initiative Film the ability to foresee and analyze trends to come. We are able to keep an eye on the most recent literature or even manuscripts not yet published or translated.


Initiative Film, always on the lookout for the latest news, the “zeitgeist”, does a daily job of combing the papers in search of subject matter. An every day news-watch covering some twenty newspapers and news sites that feeds our database of current events and thematic files.
Our active research enables us to conduct in depth investigations. This real
documentary watch gives us a true lead on cutting edge film subject matter and to swiftly put together the first project prototypes, the preliminary
directors’ desires.
You can also ask us to research on any specific subject or topic, tailored
towards the project or screenplay you are currently developing, or about to

What is an IF Report? An IF report is a selection of novels, plays, comic books, etc… according to specific themes and guidelines. The works that stand out are analyzed by our team according to their potential to be adapted as screenplays.
Our reports provide our clients with a sharp depiction of all available publications that could potentially become film material.

EXPLORING A SUBJECT’S POTENTIAL : The film behind the subject ?
Original subjects or literary works, we are your partner at every stage in the writing process to update the identity of the coming film(s).
Discovering, exploring, re-exploring the profile and potential of a project: taking the text and its characteristics to determine who can best adapt, direct or perform it. Using a visual and amusing methodology, according to the project’s strong and weak points, we carry out an artistic X-ray of the project, ensuring the completion of the development process as much as its future positioning on the market.


Whatever the stage in writing and the nature of your project, we are able to find and contact the talents that match your expectations. Drawing on a wide range of writers, continually enhanced by our readings and encounters, we are able to associate the right people with the right project at every stage in writing. A recognized writer, a confirmed professional or a young talent, we probably know the person who will give shape to your idea, make your dialogue dynamic, adapt the novel that you have the rights to or write the screenplay you hope for. We can, if necessary, also seek out the director for the project that you are developing.



What do we have to share ?

Through our active participations in international festivals (Istanbul, Namur, Thessaloniki, Sofia…) we get in contact with talents from all over the world. Our job is to identify their projects at an early stage so as to facilitate collaborative work during the development phase.
Our training activity tackles script development in general, literary adaptation, script reading and pitching in particular. This allows us to strengthen our worldwide network through the exchange of skills.
Sharing knowledge and expertise in development creates a global vision of the market and its trends.


From the start of the Jerusalem International Film Lab we have been part of the team of scouts of this “still young” lab, and as of today we are only two.
Scouting talents from all over the world at the right stage of their projects’ development process is a natural extension of Initiative Film’s everyday work.
It allows us to ensure the dialogue with the directors and producers who we meet at the occasion or who we have already worked with.


Whether you are a newcomer in the business or want to make a sideways move, or just want to strengthen your knowledge in the development field, training makes sense.

For more than 20 years, Isabellle Fauvel has been called in numerous countries to share her knowledge regarding development. In parallel, Initiative Film has conceived and still develops training programs, some of them tailor-made : for a territory, an event, or a professional organization.

Some of these programs, conceived in a particular context keep evolving as the years go by, like Lire et être lu (read and get read) or Socrates, a training program developed for story editors from North Africa and Middle East, trained on real concrete scripts as their work with writers developing their first featured.

In this context, a natural partnership was born with the TorinoFilmLab in 2011 as we have approached the TFL to create an extension dedicated to literary adaptation in partnership with the Torino Book Fair, and that’s how the AdaptLab was born.

AdaptLab is an advanced course designed for professional scriptwriters and/or writer/directors directors from all over the world wishing to work in the field of adaptation. The programme, supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union, is realized with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund and in partnership with Festival di Locarno – L’immagine e la Parola.

AdaptLab is a long-term training course consisting of three 5-day residential workshops and two online sessions for 12 participants. It follows the whole adaptation process analysing the book’s potentials, exploring the different possibilities of its story world, and following the development of the extended treatments and/or scripts with the possibility of presenting the work to a group of international producers, sales agents and other industry professionals from all over the world during the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event in November 2015.


Presenting a project to producers or other audiovisual professionals needs to be prepared. Whatever your experience is, it is essential to be able to test your work, strategy, presentation and or simply benefit from a fresh look on your projects.

The first impression on your project is essential to convince your interlocutor.
Puntually or regularly, Initiative Film can provide an expertise on all the development-linked questions, this phase being really envisioned as a study of a project’s feasibility.

More broadly, Initiative Film links professionals who aren’t necessarily identified but can become partners.


Which project and for whom ?
After taking a new direction a few years ago, Initiative Film now initiates internal projects and can act, at any time during the writing process, as a bridge between a topic and a director and/or producer, in order to set the foundation for a possible packaging in a concerted fashion.

Where the search for an original subject is concerned, we begin by defining together the framework and criteria of the project that you wish to direct, produce or co-produce.
Following your indications, we select projects – synopses, treatments or screenplays – likely to correspond to your expectations from a database that has been continually enriched over the last 15 years. As an intermediary between you and the authors of the selected projects, we then accompany you during the initial meetings. The ties forged with young talents or confirmed writers can continue during the proposed projects but also be called into play for a new one.

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