Whatever the stage in writing and the nature of your project, we are able to find and contact the talents that will match your expectations. Drawing on a wide range of writers, continually enhanced by our readings and encounters, we are able to associate the right people with the right project at every stage in writing. A recognized writer, a confirmed professional or a young talent, we probably know the person who will give shape to your idea, make your dialogue dynamic, adapt the novel that you have the rights to or write the screenplay you hope for. We can, if necessary, also seek out the director for the project that you are developing.


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Through our active participations in international festivals (Istanbul, Namur, Thessaloniki, Sofia…) we get in contact with talents from all over the world. Our job is to identify their projects at an early stage in order to facilitate collaborative work during the development phase.

Our training activity tackles script development in general, literary adaptation, script reading and pitching in particular. This allows us to strengthen our worldwide network through the exchange of skills. Sharing knowledge and expertise in development creates a global vision of the market and its trends.



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