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Founded in 1993 by Isabelle Fauvel, Initiative Film is the first French consulting company specialized in the development of audiovisual projects for French and foreign professionals: producers, screenwriters, directors, artistic agents…

Initiative Film, an attentive partner, steps in at an early stage of the development phase.

From the birth of the story to the start of production, we accompany your creative progress and your thoughts on the artistic and economic feasibility of your projects. Occasional or long-term missions allow us to have the necessary distance in relation to a work in progress or to find new projects and recruit fresh talents.

Isabelle Fauvel
Founder and Manager

After six years spent at Flach Films, where she has produced and co-produced several features including Leolo by Jean-Claude Lauzon (Cannes 1992 official competition), Isabelle Fauvel created Initiative Film in 1993. The scouting and nurturing of talents is her key activity, fostering connections and collaborations between screenwriters, directors, producers,  scouting for Labs and tutoring in many workshops. 

Isabelle Fauvel has been working as a development consultant for more than 35 years, always seeking an original and unique way of working, and has accompanied numerous French and international feature films. 

Hakim Mao
Associate & Consultant

After having completed a « BTS » in editing and postproduction, and a masters degree in film writing and directing at the Louis Lumière National Film School in Paris where he wrote and directed several short films, hakim comes from a technical background in film making.

After interning on several feature film shootings as an assistant director, he decides to dedicate himself to writing, first by developing his first feature film script at the Méditalents trans-Mediterranean writing workshop fore over a year, before starting interning at Initiative Film.

Now a project manager, he alternates between the Development Department and the international training programs in which Initiative Film is involved.

Anne Rapczyk
Financial Director
photo Anne - 2011.png

After studying business (HEC) and a master’s degree specializing in law and economy of the film industry at the Sorbonne University (D2A), Anne Rapczyk started out in the production business as a financial director for several structures. 

Currently a producer and associate at Sunrise Films, she is developing various projects at the moment, while also finishing Cédric Anger’s fourth feature film (L’Amour est une fête), in coproduction with Curiosa Films.


Alongside her activities as a producer, Anne has been operating as Chief financial officer for Initiative Film since 2011.

Gabrielle Gonçalves
Junior Consultant

Upon finishing high school, Gabrielle lived in Scotland for five years. She graduated with an MA in Film and Television studies from the University of Glasgow in 2020. Besides studying, she also tried her hand at various roles on film sets, including production design and directing, and became quite keen on script reading. 

After moving back to France, Gabrielle interned at a children’s film festival where her role focused on screen education. She also multiplied experiences on film sets, as a location manager mostly. In 2021, she went on to study film production for a masters in Montpellier, south of France, and she worked for a full year as a production assistant in an animation studio there, as part of the masters’ curriculum. 

As the masters allowed her to develop a strong taste for film development, she eventually started an internship at Initiative Film in 2022, before joining the team permanently as a junior consultant. 

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