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From the pitch to the final version of the script, we receive and analyse your projects in every form. By taking the necessary distance, we strive to highlight strong points and weaknesses in the narrative line of your stories, to evaluate your artistic and commercial potential but also to find solutions to any problems. We allow you to keep the necessary distance in order to give you an exhaustive view of the steps to follow, without the risk of missing any.

Alongside writing, we tackle the key issues that help to define the identity of a project and its writers’ intentions. Reading a screenplay is a matter of trust. In this particular context, reading a script can only be "tailor made” because it's adapted to the needs of the project itself and not to the reader's subjective expectations. The feedback opens a discussion around the text and its ambitions for the big screen.


Synopsis, Treatment, Script, TV Show bible...


If you are a producer, a writer-director, and you wish to benefit from some accompaniment on your short, medium or feature length project(s).


If you can’t identify professionals in your region or you wish to start this work with a foreigner consultant?


If you don’t want to or can’t afford to spend too much money on translating each draft to be analyzed, considering that these translations only serve to be read by the consultant/story editor ?


You wish to be able to meet your consultant face to face on a regular basis without having to travel far, for financial and ecological reasons ?


This initiative is for you. 

Ancre 1

What is it? How does it work? 

Initiative Film is bringing together a network of consultants perfectly competent to work in various languages - Italian, Polish… - and offers a package as follows :


The first analysis is a

« four-handed analysis » :

Initiative Film and the local consultant, scouted and trained by us, work hand in hand.


The next versions are analyzed by the dedicated consultant in the original language, and they do the follow-up until the last version.


The last version that you want to push into production, will be translated and analyzed again by Initiative Film.

What languages?

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