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I met Isabelle Fauvel at the Forum of Namur last year, where I was pitching a feature film project. Her knowledge of the film industry and her charisma caught my attention on the spot. And quite naturally, I’d almost say logically, we started collaborating together.


Isabelle is just like her « creature », Initiative Film: she brings people together, a precious web in this complex and often autistic film world. In this egocentric universe, where communication technologies provide us with an illusion of « real contact », she takes a valuable look at the people, the world, the cinema of all over the world. She fosters indispensable convergences and encounters between its key players.


Thanks to her social skills and her human qualities, we feel less solitary in this place where meetings and team work are the most valuable items. 


Because cinema is the result of encounters.

Joseph Incardona | Writer, screenwriter, director| Swizterland, Italy


16 rue Sainte-Cécile, 75009 Paris

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