Isabelle Fauvel joins Maia Workshops in 2018 !


We are happy to announce that this year Isabelle Fauvel will finally be able to join the Maia Workshops team as a trainer !


Maia Workshops has a new look and feel for 2018, find out more about it by visiting :

The call for proposal is open until February 11, so send out your applications !


TIFF STUDIO - 2017 / 2018

TIFF Studio June 2017- January 2018, the end !

Molly McGlynnMaxwell McCabe-Lokos & Eisha Marjara are missing on the picture unfortunately !

Good luck with your projects and let's stay in touch !






Summer break 2017 !

Summer break 2017 !
We'll be on break until August 24th...
See you soon to turn over some leaves and grow some new ones !



TIFF Long Take Ep 21 : How to get a script made in 2017, with Isabelle Fauvel

Is Isabelle Fauvel the European Development Guru ?

Find out by checking out the great podcast recorded by
Geoff Macnaughton and Rob Kraszewski for TIFF Long Take.

More seriously, enjoy the discussion with Isabelle Fauvel about scriptwriting / development

"Isabelle talks about how she's made a career out of being brutally honest, why she thinks the industry places far too much emphasis on "well-written" scripts, and why she's more attracted to good ideas than good writing.

She also explains why she suggests that her clients make a dumbed-down version of their script, how she's able to recognize great talent, and why asking your mom for feedback on your script probably isn't the right approach."

Capture d’écran 2017-07-21 à 16.59.35

The TIFF Long Take Podcast with Isabelle Fauvel is also available on SoundCloud as well as many other great ones, among which :
- Ep. 22: Has 'Game of Thrones' Transcended Television ?
- Ep. 18: Why Edgar Wright Chose Originality Over IP
- Ep. 4: Why Get Out Is the Future of Genre Film

Check them out !












Jerusalem International Film Lab - Closing event 2017


Congratulations to Dea Kulumbegashvili for winning the International Prize at the Closing Event of the The Jerusalem International Film Lab !

We are happy for the project Naked Sky and Rati Oneli, her co-writer and producer and proud to have scouted Dea, bravo !


Since the first edition of the The Jerusalem International Film Lab, all the International Prizes have been awarded to directors scouted by Isabelle Fauvel & the Initiative Film team.
This year, it's been won by Georgian writer director Dea Kulumbegashvili for her script Naked Sky.
Check out Screen International's article about this year's closing event.

Since 2012, many directors we have scouted shot their films, among which :
Son of Saul / Saul fia, by Laszlo Nemes (Grand prix in Cannes, Best foreign film Academy award...)
Run by Philippe Lacote (Un certain regard in Cannes)
We are young, we are strong, by Burhan Qurbani
Banat by Adriano Valerio 
The Black pin, Ivan Marinovic
Compte tes blessures - A Taste of Ink, Morgan Simon

And many more are coming as Asa Hjorleifsdottir's The swan and Ferit Karahan's The death of black horses are currently in postproduction !

Jerusalem 2017

Isabelle Fauvel in Beijing // STORYDRIVE ASIA 2017

Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 09.57.43

 Today and tomorrow, Isabelle is in Beijing to take part in StoryDrive 2017 and talk about adaptation and its development process.

Leading minds from all over the world, especially from major Asian markets will illuminate the future of media and entertainment. They will share their knowledge and provide the tools you need to make the most of your business and to discover successful crossmedia and transmedia approaches.

StoryDrive is an all-media platform in Asia dedicated to exploring new forms of collaboration and business models across media boundaries. In 2012 and 2013, Frankfurt Book Fair and German Book Information Center (Beijing) have successfully organized StoryDrive China at Beijing CIFTIS Fair. In 2014 the conference has been expanded and renamed to StoryDrive, in order to encourage more transmedia exchange and trade inside Asia. Starting 2016, StoryDrive at CIFTIS will be the main location for StoryDrive worldwide.

Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 10.24.49

8 Questions for Isabelle Fauvel

Storydrive, May 04. 2017

Bio: Isabelle Fauvel 

Dear Ms. Fauvel, what have you been busy with lately?
My company is primarily involved in the development of feature films. In addition to performing script analysis at all the different stages of the writing process, we are also engaged in international talents scouting. Right now, we are preparing for the Cannes Film Festival.

How is the European film market doing at the moment and what are the most interesting latest trends and developments?
In terms of production, the European market isn’t so bad but the equation becomes more complex when it comes to distribution. As regards our field of expertise, we’ve noticed an easier circulation of talents for the last 10 years. One of the trends is the genre author movies (like Julia Ducournau’s Raw) or animated features.

In 1993, you founded a consulting company called “Initiative Film”, dedicated to film development. What was the driving force behind this decision ? How should we understand the term “film development”?
As a producer, I have always sought creative dialogue with people who didn’t have an agenda regarding the projects I was producing, and I was surprised that this job didn’t really exist in France or in Europe. So I have made an attempt at creating a company that could be like a second office for producers, but also an interlocutor for directors related to the following activities : subject research, book scouting, script analysis, scriptwriters casting, training programs creation… « Film development: this term cannot be easily defined as it comprises talent / film / script development, and it should be understood as a process that precedes and accompanies the production of a film.

Initiative Film also helps filmmakers to find the perfect book to adapt. What are the main criteria of a perfect book for adaptation ?
There should be an intimate connection between a director’s style and the story, or the novel’s writing, a subject that echoes with something personal or intimate, and of course taking into account the irrational factor that creates an alchemy by putting the right book into the right hands…

What kind of a role do projects like "Shoot the Book!" play in this context of matching publishing material and filmmakers?
A double role. The first is familiarizing producers and directors who have never dealt with book adaptations. The second is highlighting books the potential of which has been acknowledged.

A mission of the StoryDrive event in Beijing is to explore possibilities in “storytelling and storyselling”. Does your daily work involve both aspects? Which part is more challenging ?
We work around “storytelling ” in our script analysis by trying to find the best way to match the script we’ve received and read to the writers’ and directors’ intentions, and help them reach that point. The “storyselling ” part of our job is in book and talents scouting, so it’s more about finding the right books, talents and projects for the producers who commission us to conduct a research than “selling ” them a story. But we try to present the books, talents and projects we scout for them in a way that will allow them to see what we saw in there for them. So they are both equally challenging in their own way.

Do you plan to have any new projects connected with China in the near future? Do you have a favorite Chinese author or filmmaker?
Of course there is a professional curiosity in establishing links with Chinese professionals, like we do with many other countries. Attending StoryDrive is a way of finding out the specific needs and expectations that can be in China. My favorite Chinese filmmakers are Diao Yinan, Jia Zhangke, and Zhang Yimou.

What expectation do you have towards your participation in the StoryDrive conference and your stay in Beijing?
Meeting local professionals, being able to share on the way we work and build bridges that could prove to be useful in the near future.

Isabelle Fauvel will be speaking at the Storydrive Conference in Beijing (31 May – 1 June 2017)

Initiative Film in Cannes 2017


18076883_1307923369244430_4097751126150305015_oBound to the event from the very beginning, we are very happy to announce this year's Shoot the Book ! pitching, which will feature 2 German novels for the first time along with French ones.
So save the date for May 23rd in Cannes !

Shoot the book_en

Initiative Film Development Grant 2016 // And the winner is...

In 2010, the greek film industry was already showing signs of an exceptionally exciting revival but seriously damaged by the crisis. 

In 2011, a rapid dialog with Marie-Pierre Macia, Angeliki Vergou and the Agora team of the Thessaloniki festival, led us to create the Initiative Film Prize, distributed to one of the projects presented during Crossroads, of a value of 3000 euros. 

This prize includes 9 months of professional follow-up on the development of the chosen project, both on the script and on the development strategy and its networking. We have by three times rewarded a 2nd prize, equivalent to a global consultation on the project, without a follow-up. 

In 6 years, we have rewarded 8 projects (including 2016), of whom 2 of them have been shot (Park and Cosmic Candy), 1 of them is being shot (Virus), and another in production (Tailor)

We have the intention of making this partnership productive with Crossroads and the greek cinema in general ! 

No 965609 No 965611No 965618

Isabelle Fauvel in Thessaloniki

Isabelle is attending Crossroads, the co-production forum of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, and the Locarno Industry Academy International, a training program for the young professionals of the cinema industry.

Click on the picture for more information


Isabelle Fauvel at the Famu

Isabelle Fauvel will be at the FAMU, the main Prague film school, as a guest speaker. She will give a talk about the « life after film school ».

The students will get to learn about developing their scripts, launching their scripts and initiate networking and long lasting working relationships, starting from school.

More information about the school by clicking on the picture :czech_republic

TFL Script Lab's call for projects : MATCH POINT


The TFL Script Lab launches a call for talents and projects for it's new sections Match Point, aiming at 2 different profiles :

1. Scriptwriters

TFL, in its innovation spirit is starting Match Point, a brand new way that highlights the scriptwriter’s work, before the director joins the project, sealing a relationship in between a producer - bringing an idea, a concept, a text to adapt - and a writing talent, who could, in the lab’s settings, accompany it into development.

If you want to know more about it, do look at TFL's website ( or contact me

2. Producers

TFL, in its innovation spirit is starting Match Point, a  brand new way that highlights the creative work of producers and his instincts regarding a project that should go into development, on a subject that matters for him, or from an original idea or a text from which he owns the rights. The lab offers to present international writing talents and help the encounter in between producers and scriptwriters around the initial text in order to develop it, in the context of these tailor made workshops.

* * *

If you want to know more about it, take a look at TFL's website ( or contact Initiative Film, but be careful :

the deadline is the 1st if December



Pitching workshop in Tbilisi

Applications for the pitching workshop of the Tbilisi International Film Festival are now open.
Very happy to resume the collaboration we started last year in Georgia.

Two films we worked on among the Foreign-Language Oscar contenders

Initiative Film has been collaborating on two films among the submissions for the Best Foreign Film of the Academy Award:

Clash by Mohamed Diab (representing Egypt), and The Black Pin by Ivan Marinovic (representing Montenegro)

Good luck to them!

French release of Tran Anh Hung's Eternité

Eternité : Affiche

Éternité by Tran Anh Hung is released today in France.
It's an adaptation of Alice Ferney's novel  L’Elégance des veuves (The elegance of widows) published by Éditions Actes Sud .
We are proud to have been the starting point of the meeting between this novel, 
Tran Anh Hung and his producer Christophe Rossignon (Nord-Ouest).

Good news of the summer

Development is a slow process which often comes way before the tangible results.
But for us, this summer has brought many good news for some projects we have initiated, accompanied or scouted... 

In Locarno... 

Vincent, by Christophe Van Rompaey, produced by A Private View was selected in competition and screened at the Piazza Grande...

Vincent and the End of the

L'appel de Genèv (The Geneva Call), feature film project produced by Joelle Bertossa - Close Up Films, and written by Joseph Incardona, which development we've been following since the beginning, was awarded the  bourse SSA pour l'écriture de scénarios de long métrage, a grant for feature films development.


In San Sebastian...
Afficher l'image d'origine

Morgan Simon will present his first feature film  Compte tes blessure / a taste of ink  at the San Sebastian International Film festival.
Morgan was scouted by isabelle in for the 2013 Jerusalem International Film Lab to develop the script of this first feature.

Sofia Exarchou will also be presenting her first feature in San Sebastian. Park, was produced by Amanda Livanou and had received the first Initiative Film Award at the Thessaloniki International Film festival in 2012 !


In Toronto...
Afficher l'image d'origine

PARK by Sofia Exarchou is selected in Toronto as well, and Isabelle Fauvel will be there for various events : to supervize Shoot The Book ! Toronto, as a jury member for Pitch this ! , as a tutor for the Tiff Talent Lab and to do some follow up on the Tiff Studio 2016 projects, that she has worked on last June...


And on the television side... 

Afficher l'image d'origine

France 2 decided chose Fanny Rondeau to be the head of their fiction unit. Fanny was historically Isabelle Fauvel's first collaborator at Initiative Film.
Congratulations to Fanny for this great career path !

Jerusalem International Film Lab - Pitching Event 2016


Tomorrow, Friday the 8th of July will be the final event of the 2015 - 2016 session of the Jerusalem Film Lab  and the participants will get to pitch their projects, in front of a jury presided by Slawomir Idziak, one of Europe’s most prolific cinematographers most memorably with the great director, most memorably with the great director Krzysztof Kieslowski: A Short Film about Killing, The Double Life of Veronique, Three Colors: Blue.

During the pitching event, twelve promising writer-directors from Israel and across the globe will compete for the Lab's $70,000 in awards, donated by the Beracha foundation. The prize, aimed at furthering the film's production, is the largest prize of its kind in Israeli cinema.

 Alongside Idziak, seven leading industry figures will comprise this year's jury:
Charles Tesson -  Artistic Director of the Cannes Critics' Week (France), Kirsten Niehuus - General Director, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (Germany), Hengameh Panahi - Founding Director, Celluloid Dreams (France/Iran), Katriel Schory - Director of The Israel Film Fund (Israel), Eric Lagesse - President, Pyramide Films (France), Carole Scotta - Founding Director, Haut et Court (France), and Roberto Olla - Executive Director, Eurimages (Italy).

Just like before them Burhan Qurbani, Philippe Lacôte, Morgan Simon, Laszlo Nemes, Gregory Rentis, Sanjeewa Pushpakumara, Ivan Marinovic, Gaëlle Denis, Asa Hjorleifsdottir, Paul Negoescu, Adriano Valerio, Ferit Karahan that we had the pleasure to scout for the previous editions,

we wish good luck to Gonzalo Tobal, with his project DOLORES and Bibhusan Basnet & Pooja Gurung for THE WHOLE-TIMERS for this final event after a very fruitful year of work at the Lab ! 

In the meantime you can click on the links to :
Download the book of projects
See the Facebook event

TorinoFilmLab Alumni Meeting 2016 in Karlovy Vary


The annual Alumni Meeting of the TorinoFilmLab will take place from the 6th to the 9th of July during the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

It's always a pleasure to share this moment in Karlovy Vary with the TFL Alumni and a great opportunity to think about how e can make our work evolve !


MFI - Script 2 film workshop 2016 in Nissiros

New collaboration with MFI et  and great pleasure to meet the 25 new projects this Sunday on the exceptional location of Nisyros.

For more information about this workshop created by the Mediterranean Film Institute, please click on the link.

2nd AdaptLab workshop in Poland

Afficher l'image d'origine

For the 2nd writing session of AdaptLab in Poland, the guest speaker was Nikos Panayotopoulos, who gave a lecture about adaptation of true events into fiction.
This workshop started on June the 10th and will  last until Wednesday.

Initiative Film turns 23 today !

Capture d’écran 2016-06-01 à 14.52.28

23 years ago, I was 32 and Initiative Film was a few hours old ... 23/32, 32/23!

 23 years ago, I created Initiative Film to try something new, to experiment an intuition, to offer the producers, writers, directors a coaching I was looking for myself when I was producing : a new tool, a particle accelerator.

23 years ago, my concept of development seemed a little fanciful: the idea was to set up a small team at once benevolent and available. Unwittingly, I was a sort of precursor. In this sense, we can consider Initiative Film as a pilot company, but it would not have been possible without some collaborations and meetings ...

And today, it is these meetings that I think of.

I apologize in advance for not being able to include everyone; also, I will mention only the "first" 0who embarked on this adventure with me.

23 years ago, the first who encouraged me excepting my parents were Jack Gajos, Claude Nedjar, Alain Cavalier, Agathe Berman and Gilles Cahoreau.

The first whohave given me job and whom I have not forgotten were Pascal Breton, Yves Marmion and Michel Propper, Carole Scotta who made me see "ma vie en rose".

The first writers to understand and appreciate the castings: Stéphane Cabel, Sandro Agenor, Yves Ramonet, Jean Luc Rye, Antoine Lacomblez, Michel Fessler, Agnes Caffin, Lou Inglebert.

The first direcors who have sought me at the very beginning: Hélène Guétary, Manuel Pradal, Martin Provost, Tran Anh Hung, Marion Hansel ...

The first writers who have quickly understood the approach: Laurent Gaude, Alain Mabanckou, Marco Mancassola, Nicolas Rey Fabienne Kanor or Fréderic Chouraki,

Musically, the accomplices of the first hour were François Millet and Sebastian Escofet.

And I remember the incredible kindness of Myriam Arab, Francesca Feder and Arnaud Louvet, Elise Jalladeau, Ian Burley, Alexander Barrouk or Jean Yves Verdu.

Since then, I have lived many other beautiful professional meetings, and ultimately personal, and well outside the hexagon.

23 years later ...

Initiative Film works 60% of his time abroad;

Initiative Film is a partner of literary events with audiovisual gateways - Shoot the Book! (thank you Nathalie Piaskowski and the publishers), Quai du Polar / Polar in series (thank you Marie Legac, Cecile Dumas, Helene Fisbach);

Initiative Film is a partner of the Torino Film Lab  (thank you Savina Neirotti for having believed in Adaptlab and thank you Eva Ward and Razvan Radulescu, my amazing accomplices, not to mention Tinkerbell Agata Cezner);

Initiative Film scouts for the Jerusalem International Film Lab (thank you Renen Schorr for having associated me with the adventure and Ifat Tubi having me adopted);

Initiative Film intervenes at the Mediterranean Film Institute ( thank you to Apostolia for the start) and in many Euro-Mediterranean programs that no longer exist;

Initiative Film is a consultant at ACE (thank you first Sophie Bourdon and now Ronan Gire);

And Initiative Film has initiated numerous international trainings (Thank you Valerio Caruso for providing a framework for our craziest ideas).

Today Initiative Film is also involved in film school: the Famu (thank you Pavel Jech and Giovanni Robbiano) Kask (thank you Martine Huvenne);

And remains faithful to the Forum de Namur  (thank you Nicole Vest and Aurore Engelen) to Crossroads Thessaloniki  (thank you Marie-Pierre Macia and Angeliki Vergou), and worked for years, though not anymore, inMeeting on the Bridge (Thanks Gulin Ustun).

Initiative Film is also heading for new adventures with the TIFF / Toronto (thank you Hayet Benkara) tomorrow, 2 June 2016.

Thank you to all the collaborators that have succeeded in making this small company what it is today. I think back to the first, Fanny Rondeau, and just after Carolina Rodriguez and her great enthusiasm, Lola Jacob who organized my chaos, Magali Magistry ...

Then, as I can not mention everyone, Rémi Giordano wins the prize for longevity, and now Hakim Mao and Anne Rapzyck with which the work is fluid, harmonious and inspiring and incredible interns who brought enthusiasm, freshness and intelligence, some still related to business as Emile Bertherat.

23 years ago, I was far from suspecting that the adventure would ramify so much and would last as long, far from suspecting that so many beautiful meetings would be on my way, and many others to come.

Today, I find myself lucky...

So, on this June 1st, 2016, I feel that it is me who is 23, and that Initiative is 55!

J - 10

In 10 days, it will be Initiative Film 's birthday.

But what exactly is Initiative Film, for the directors, screenwriters, producers, writers , publishers or other people we work with ?

Here's a first testimony from Joseph Incardona, writer, screenwriter and director who won the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière2 015, prix du roman français for his novel Derrière les panneaux il y a des hommes. (Éditions Finitude) :

I met Isabelle Fauvel at the 2015 Namur Forum when I was pitching a feature film. Her knowledge of the cinema industry and her charisma immediately got my attention. It is rather naturally - even logically - that our trajectories converged.
Isabelle is, as her creation, Initiative Film : she offers a real bond, a real network in a complex and somewhat autistic cinema industry. In a egocentric world where communication technologies give us the illusion of real contact, her vision opens dialogue with people, the world, the cinema,  ; she offers a convergence, a possible and necessary meeting with its actors.
Thanks to her network, her human qualities, we feel less alone in a universe where meetings and teamwork are the most important thing. Because cinema is mainly women and men meeting each other...

And what about you, former collaborators, interns, directors, writers, producers... What is Initiative Film to you ?
Share a few words with is in the comment section !

Shoot the book Cannes 2016 : it's now !


Initiative Film has taken part in the SHOOT THE BOOK !  adventure since it's creation and wishes the best for this third edition in Cannes and its wonderful selection of adaptable books.
As the event will start in a few minutes at the Salon des Ambassadeur and if you can't attend it this year, you can still check out the selected novels on the website 


First day of shooting for Louis Lagayette's Trendy

TrendySince we have met Louis Lagayette and his urgent need for cinema in Cannes just two years ago, after the precious Myriam Arab introduced us, Louis has been developing his first feature Trendy in an exemplary way and we have been part of that process.

After winning the Live Script Reading Award at the British Urban Film Festival, he starts shooting Trendy  today in London - where he is based - and we wish him all the best !

"Zagros" starts shooting in Greece

We have been involved in the development of  "Zagros" which is now turning into a film. The script was written by Sahim Omar Kalifa and Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem and the film is directed by Sahim Omar Kalifa, and produced by A Private View.

We wish the best to the whole team !


Isabelle Fauvel in Gent / Kask


Remaining in contact with film schools and be able o go there and meet students is always inspiring and a good way to scout blossomin talents at an early stage.
Isabelle will be giving a lecture today at  KASK School of Arts, around the theme ;

How can I make it happen after graduation? 

How can I develop my project ? How do I get identified by professionals ? Where do I meet the right people? When should I take the first step ?
Where, when and how do I pitch my project ? What information (synopsis, visuals,...) do I need?
When and how should I present my project to the market ? Should I present a treatment or a script ? What's a mood book ? How do I make and use a school network ?
Many questions that a young director, writer or producer can ask themselves while or after having completed their film studies, that we can try answering together.

This lecture will be followed by one-to-one meetings with students, to discuss their feature films projects and prepare their life after school.


Back from Cairo

We've had a great time at D-CAF - Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo last week were we were luck to see some amazing performances in amazing locations, great screenings and attend the literary roundtable put together by Initiative Film with Percy Kemp, Ahmed Mourad and Mohamed Tawfik, moderated by Samia Mehrez.

We also had a great time presenting a masterclass around Adaptation with Ayman El Amir, in front of a great audience, passionate with very stimulating question.

D-Caf is now over but we can't wait to come back, check out the festival's website here and like the Facebook page to get all the information for another outstanding edition in 2017 !


Initiative Film in Cairo for D-Caf

We will be in Cairo tonight to take part in D-CAF - Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo, where Isabelle Fauvel will be presenting a conference on the 20th of April at 7pm at the Balassi Institute.


By: Isabelle Fauvel, Hakim Mao, Ayman El Amir

Adaptation from A-Z: Are We Living in the Age of Adaptation?

Cinema has always found inspiration in books: in the international box office, out of every 20 movies 10 are adaptations, and the biggest commercial success ever remains Gone with the wind, adapted from the novel by Margaret Mitchell.

It seems that the material adapted is more and more varied: people adapt comics, short stories, novels, plays, biographies, even essays into features, shorts, documentaries etc.…

This masterclass will focus on the professionals’ practices in term of adaptation, and explain how a book can be turned into a script then film. Who are the interlocutors for this transformation process from a work of art to another? What is it possible to do and what isn’t?

Find the facebook page and the event for the masterclass with all the details if you want to attend here or by clicking on the picture below.

And the program of the festival here

Mohamed Diab's Eshtebak at Cannes' Un Certain Regard

"Les Femmes du bus 678" : rencontre avec le réalisateur Mohamed DiabMohamed Diab's film Eshtebak (co-written with Khaled Diab) has been selected at Cannes' Un Certain Regard selection.
We had the pleasure to do a consultancy on the script right before the shooting of the film.

Congratulations to Mohamed and to his producer Mohamed Hefzy (Film Clinic) for this prestigious selection, we can't wait to discover the film on screen in Cannes soon !


Tinatin Kajrishvili at La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde in Cannes

citizen saint

Congratulations to Tinatin Kajrishvili whose project Citizen Saint has been selected for the Cannes La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde.
Citizen Saint is produced by Lasha Khalvashi for Gemini productions.

Last year, Tinatin and her project were part of the workshop centered around adaptation that Initiative Film created for the Georgian National Film Center where she worked with tutor Nikos Panayatopoulos and Isabelle Fauvel.

One day, the statue of a crucified saint comes to life. None of the investigators, government officials or locals know what to do with him. The Saint is accused of damaging artwork, ruining the city’s only tourist attraction and being a swindler. Everyone agrees: a saint’s place is on the cross. After interminable discussions, they put him back on his cross and crucify him again. Mary, an employee in a the city’s local museum, wants to protect him.

Tinatin Kajrishvili

Isabelle Fauvel in Bergen for ACE

Capture d’écran 2016-04-05 à 15.00.15

Working on 4 ACE 25 projects and 3 Mundus ones is a pleasure already, but the fact that this work session will take place in Bergen makes it even better...
Click on the pictures for more information.  Bergen




Quais du Polar // Polar Connection 2016

Tomorrow april the 1st will be the opening of the 12th edition of the international crime novel festival Quais du Polar, in Lyon, and more particularly the day dedicated to audiovisual professionals Polar Connection.
As Initiative Film is a partner, Isabelle will be present for the pitching of the 6 Books selected for the Polars en Série ("Serial Crime Novel") which will be awarded to the most adaptable novel.

Isabelle will also be the moderator of the masterclass centered around the Novel The cab Driver by Iain Levison, adapted for the screen by Gilles Bannier.

To know more, about the festival, you can download the program here.

Isabelle Fauvel at Sofia Meetings 2016

Having just returned from Locarno where the first edition of AdaptLab 2016 was held, Isabelle Fauvel flew to Sofia where she'll be having one-to-one meetings to prepare the selected for the pitching at the13th Sofia Meetings.

She also has the pleasure to meet again talents and projects who took part in the AdaptLab in 2014 and 2015 and one project from the Mediterranean Film Institute, which doesn't lessen the pleasure to discover new projects as well !

2016_Sofia meetings

AdaptLab 2016 : Isabelle's group

Adapt Lab 2016 - covers

Here are the four books on which Isabelle has the pleasure to accompany the writers of her group at the 2016 AdaptLab in their writing process :

The participants in Isabelle's group are :

Minna Prader (Switzerland/France) who adapts Youth without God by Ödön Von Horvath

Mikko Kuparinen (Finland) who adapts White Hunger by Aki Ollikainen

Frederic Zeimet (Luxembourg) who adapts The gene of doubt by Nicos Panayotopoulos

Eun-Zi Kim (Austria/South Korea) who adapts Escape to nowhere by Francis Ryck

Thanks to the writers and to the publishers who decided to play along and good luck to the script writers for the upcoming work after this very fruitful workshop and until the next one which will be taking place in Warsaw from the 10th to the 16th of june.

AdaptLab 2016 : first workshop starts tonight !

After Qumra in Doha, Isabelle will be in Locarno Tonight for the kick off of the first AdaptLab 2016 work session.
Isabelle will be working on several adaptation projects along with the other tutors, Eva Ward and Razvan Radulescu.

You can follow this first AdaptLab session on the TorinoFilmLab facebook page and find the participants' pictures and content through the ‪#‎yourtfl‬ hashtag.

We wish good luck to all the participants for this intense week to come !

Capture d’écran 2016-03-08 à 17.45.17

Picture : AdaptLab 2015 participants and Tutors

An Oscar for Son of Saul !

Laszlo Nemes - Oscars 2016

Sometimes, helping the development of a project means bringing a contribution - even a modest one - at the right place and at the right time.

I was following Laszlo Nemes' work since his short film With a little Patience that I have discovered at the Angers Film Festival, and after meeting Laszlo, we had a habit of discussing cinema at first and then his projects of course.
Once this mutual trust was established, Laszlo told me the story of Son of Saul, even before it was turned into a script, but unable to help Laszlo find a producer, I got the idea of submitting the project to the Jerusalem International Film Lab for which I've been scouting since its creation.

A few years later, talent and international praises are the reward for Laszlo's hard work.

You can watch Laszlo Neme's impressive short film "With a little patience" below :

Isabelle Fauvel at Qumra 2016

Qumra 2016

Isabelle Fauvel will be in Doha from march 3rd to the 7th for Qumra, an initiative from the Doha Film Institute to create an international gathering of creative film professionals to contribute to the development of emerging voices in cinema, with a special focus on first- and second-time filmmakers.

Isabelle will be doing some consultancy work on feature film projects as well as one-to-one meetings with the directors, and will be giving a group tutorial on development :

Development process overview with Isabelle Fauvel  : How to identify the different development stages ?

What writing phase have you reached ? How to keep some distance towards your work ? When should a consultant step in ? Or a co-writer ? How to find and chose them ? When and how should you present your project to the market ? Should you present a treatment or a script ? What's a mood book ?
Many questions that a director or a producer can ask themselves during the long development process of any feature film project and that we can try answering together.

Qumra 2016

Initiative Film, Creativity Incubator

it's not always easy to figure out what Initiative Film could do for you...

It's not always easy to understand who we work with, in which context or which countries...

It's not always easy to know during which stages of the development process we step in...

If you are wondering...

You'll find all the answers to your questions on this website, and precious testimonies of those who trusted us to work with them and who we still work with.

Every week, you'll  news and updates, new testimonies and you can check out the dedicated section to see the previous ones.

Click here to see the full size image.  

Témoignages - Février 2016 ANGLAIS


Quais du Polar 2016 - Selections for the Polars en série Prize

Initiative Film has been a partner of the Quais du Polar since 2014, and next edition will take place in Lyon on April the 1st to the 3rd, and the Polar en Série prize (litterally : Serial Crime Novel) will be adapted to the most "adaptable" novel or graphic novel in the Crime Novel genre.

The prize will be awarded in Lyon on April the 1st during the Polar Connection professional networking day.

For more information (in english), please click on the 2016 poster.

Quais du Polar 2016 - Affiche

Polars en série - Polar connection

AdaptLab 2016 selection unveiled !

The selection for the 2016 AdaptLab - a branch of the TorinoFilmLab co-founded by Isabelle Fauvel - has been officially announced. The 6 participants working on as many pre-selected novels are :

Cristina Bilea (Romania)
Lawrie Doran (UK)
Tamara Erde (France/Israel)
Kim Eun-Zi (Austria)
Khurrum Mahmood (UK/Pakistan)
Frédéric Zeimet (Luxembourg)

And the 6 working on their own adaptation projects:

Kadir Balci (Belgium) – HARDER THAN THE SNOW, based on the novel by Stefan Hertmans
Jan-Ole Gerster (Germany) – IMPERIUM, based on the novel by Christian Kracht
Dénes Nagy(Hungary) – NATURAL LIGHT, based on the novel by Pál Závada
Minna Prader (Switzerland) – YOUTH WITHOUT GOD, based on the novel by Ödön von Horváth
Mikko Kuparinen (Finland) – WHITE HUNGER, based on the novel by Aki Ollikainen Chen-His Wong (Singapore) – CITY OF SMALL BLESSINGS, based on the novel by Simon Tay

Congratulations to the participants !

Click on the link below to view the TorinoFilmLab page and check out teh selection for the other programmes :


Martin Provost's "The midwife" in Variety

After having accompanied Martin Provost since his first feature, and having followed the writing process of The Midwife (La sage femme) we are very pleased with this new project being shot soon, with Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot in the leading parts.

Click on the image below to read the article.

site-logo_2x_v1Variety - Martin provost

Release of Welcome Home by Philippe de Pierpont

During our long collaboration with Iota Productions / Isabelle Truc, we have worked as story editors on three films that have been made since and have been or are being released in Belgium :  Keeper by Guillaume Senez succeeding in festival around the world,  qui fait une très belle  Rebellious Girl by Jawad Rhalib who won the Jury Prize at the lest Marrakech International Film Festival and Welcome Home by Philippe de Pierpont who will be released on january the 13th.

Happy New Year !

More than 20 years of fruitful collaboration with Stéphane Cabel, French screenwriter who offers us two humorous testimonies to end the year on a high note.
We wish you all a Happy New Year ! 

Capture d’écran 2015-12-29 à 11.56.27

A testimony by Stéphane C., professional script writer, Paris :

« In Spring 99, a well-wishing friend (God bless him) advised me to contact Initiative Film, a brand new company directed by the charismatic Isabelle Fauvel, specialised in the developing of audiovisual projects.

More than one thankful client testified that they were efficient and highly qualified. As far as I was concerned, I was having professional troubles. As an autodidact, I had written a sci-fi saga of 46 episodes of 90 minutes each, hoping, as cracy as it can be, to seduce a big production company.

... But, after a few fruitless trials, the film industry wonderland seemed unreachable to me ! 

Some days later, I presented myself in the office of Initiative Film, Isabelle Fauvel received me in person. I can not, alas, tell you what we discussed about because of legal reasons...

However, only 24 hours after this first meeting, I met a Parisian producer she introduced to me. It was the first time I met a producer instead of getting some standard letter telling my script would not fit.

This professional man spoke to me frankly and explained why my project had no chance to see the light in such a context. But, he found qualities in the writing and promised he would give me a try if the opportunity arose.

I did not have to wait long for the positive influence of Isabelle to show once again :

my producer was looking for script writers for an animated film : after a brief casting, I had my first author contract. I was so proud, but it was just the beginning : months later, another contract, and, this time, for a feature film !

I took the charge of it brilliantly and the film was a great success all around the world... as if by magic !

... As my writing improved, I started to get connections with professionals of this sphere. Through contact with those personnalities, sometimes picturesque, always brilliant, I increased my acknowledgement of the script-writing, a fantastic and remunerative task.

Only ten years after meeting Isabelle, my situation had completely changed ! 

I do not have enough time to evoke a long road punctuated by successes in the strict respect of the rule !

But these are facts : after years of practical work-outs and thanks to Isabelle Fauvel’s secret powers and to her team, I am, nowadays, a sensei in the art of scriptwriting. I took part in many projects and encountered international success.

I owe it all to Isabelle Fauvel.

You too can meet Isabelle and fulfill your wildest dreams ! »

* * *

Merry Christmas to you all !


* * *

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce the Great, the Outstanding, the Best international words healer :


For she can high-kick your structure issues as no black belt would ever be able to

For she shall teach you the Seven Great Secrets of the scriptwriting art

For she has graduated from the best universities


While others fail, she succeeds ; she manages to solve every single issue you have to deal with whether you are an author or a producer : if your narratives arcs get beaten by the evil commissions that will not raise funds to help you or if you can not find the one magical book to adapt, just come by the Rue Sainte-Cécile, stop at the door of Initiative Film, and penetrate a world where your everyday troubles vanish. It is magical !

If your author left you, or if your producer shut the door in your face, she will make him come back on his knees, and kowtow like a dog at his master’s feet.

Fundraising ? Release from a spell ? Special love potions dedicated to the CNC in the strict compliance of the law ? She can do that.

Sold as an option : telepathically hard disk repairing, return of the beloved and the winning of your favorite Cesar (except Julius) thanks to her prodigious power

All of that in a complete secrecy. Thousands of clients say : « Thank you Madam Fauvel !»


* * *

To be continued ...

AdaptLab 2016 - Selection Meeting in Berlin

Less than a month after the presentation in Torino of the AdaptLab 2015 projects : Buhran Qurbani and Martin Behnke, Adam Sanderson, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, Malik Vitthal and Ismet Prcic, Catherine Maximoff, Uri Bar-On, Manuela Piemonte, Ivan Knezevic, Phiip Kelly, Maxim Cirlan Nathalie Biancheri, Geoff Bellhouse... it's now time for a studious weekend in Berlin to proceed to the selection of the talents for the upcoming AdaptLab 2016.

Scriptwriters, directors and story editors... Considering the applications coming from more than 25 countries, we can already say it's going to be a good year.
Good luck to all the applications, the selection is going to be tough !



Isabelle Fauvel at Famu

Starting tomorrow, Isabelle will be teaching a course at Famu until thursday, about : Producer - writer - director working relationship : From the very first step of development until distribution : focusing on development.

The students will get to learn about developing their scripts, launching their scripts and initiate networking and long lasting working relationships, starting from school.

More information about the school by clicking on the picture :




TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event 2015

Back from Torino, end of the 8th edition of TorinoFilmLab, ready for the selection of the new participants of Adaptlab, as the call for projects was closed yesterday.

On October the 24th, in parallel with AdaptLab, Isabelle took part in the Piemonte Day with a lecture titled : 23 years doing a job that doesn't exist !

"Scouting talents and helping them thrive, seeking for subjects, feeling the trends, adapting work habits and methods to the market's evolutions and new technologies are all part of a producer's job. However, being wrapped up in the financial packages and funding, the shootings and post, the festivals around the world, it's quite difficult to keep one's eyes and ears open on all the grounds.

The bias of this intervention is to tell the story of 20 years spent inventing an activity supporting the producers', directors' and screenwriters' work. "

Piemonte Day Program

Piemonte Day Program

Initiative Film Award - Crossroads Thessaloniki 2015

Isabelle Fauvel

A great Edition of Crossroads Thessaloniki this year, exciting projects and enthusing people and projects.
Congratulations to ELEFSINA, directed by Alexandros Skouras and produced byEffi Skrobolas - View Master Films SA , who wins this year's INITIATIVE FILM AWARD at Crossroads Thessaloniki, and who will get a 9 months follow up !

Initiative Film Award

Isabelle Fauvel at Crossroads - Thessaloniki

Crossroads Thessaloniki 2015For four years now, and building on a strong partnership with Crossroads, Initiative Film awards a Greek project with a prize consisting in a followup of the project development.

Last year, the winner of this Initiative Film Award were PACK OF SHEEP by  Dimitris Kanellopoulos produced by Elina Psykou and Konstantina Stavrianou for a global consultancy and a second award for 6 months follow up goes to ARK of Aristotelis Maragkos produced by Vassilis Chrysanthopoulos

Good luck to this year's participants ! 

initiative Film Award - Crossroads 2014

Amr Salama's Sheikh Jackson to shoot this spring

First collaboration with Film Clinic : accompany the last development phases of Sheikh Jackson, directed by Amr Salama and produced by Mohamed Hefzy, a totally uplifting project, to which we wish good luck for the shooting.

We were also luck enough to be appealed to for a consultancy on the last script version of Mohamed Diab's Clash, before it started shooting in mid-october and is due to wrap  at the end of the month, for a delivery in time for the Cannes selections, so fingers crossed...

AdaptLab 2016 - Call for Proposal

The call for proposal for the 2016 edition of the AdaptLab, a branch of the Torino Film Lab co-created by Isabelle Fauvel and of which Initiative Film is a partner, is now open.

Check out the information brochure below and click on the pictures to view the AdaptLab website.

Adaptlab_2016 1

Adaptlab_2016 2


Initiative Film at the Namur Film Festival

Festival du film francophone de Namur

Isabelle Fauvel will take part again in the Namur coproduction workshop, and for the Namur Film festival's 30th anniversary, we are happy to see films that we have worked on within the competition such as Philippe de Pierpont's Welcome Home and Guillaume Senez's Keeper.
You can watch the trailers below :

Masterclass by Isabelle Fauvel at La Sorbonne University

For the 3rd year in a row, ans starting tomorrow, Isabelle Fauvel will be giving several masterclasses to the Masters 1 and 2 students at the Paris 1 - Sorbonne University, coordinated by Frederic Sojcher, about the development process.


The Miracle of Tekir premieres at the Zurich Film Festival

Le miracle de Tekir

Tomorrow, The Miracle of Tekir, by Ruxandra Zenide, produced by Elefant Film, will premiere at the Zurich Film Festival within the competition.
Congratulations to the team for requesting our expertise, it was a great challenge for Ruxandra, her producer as well as for us as the production preparation had started already.
Good luck to the Tekir team at the festival, please click HERE for the screening information, and on the poster for the film page.

Concept Factory Athens 2015

We are ready to take part in a brand new and exciting Greek initiative Concept Factory to which we wish a long life !
Isabelle will be in Athens from September the 16th to the 19th.

Concept Factory MFI

photo 2

Shoot the book ! in Toronto

After Cannes, Shoot the book! moves to Toronto before Los Angeles.
It's very stimulating to keep accompanying this initiative.

More information about the selected books and publishers who will pitch HERE, please click on the invitation to RSVP and attend the event.

Shoot the book ! Toronto 2015


Shoot the book ! Toronto 2015

Louis Lagayette's Trendy selected at the British Urban Film Festival

Collaborating on a young director's first projects always means taking a risk but is also a quite magical moment when you get o witness the blooming of a talent. We have met Louis during the writing of his first feature film, Trendy, which we decided to follow and support and we are proud to share the first good news :

The project is selected at the British Urban Film Festival for the Live Script Reading Award, an event supported by Channel 4.
The reading will take place at the Channel 4's headquarters.

Please click on the picture for more information about the BUFF.
Louis is already working with us on a second project.

Selection BUFF15 - VIsual v1

Edit on September the 22nd : Congratulations to louis who won the prize !

12031398_502472263264434_5403855623229150800_o 11864854_502468769931450_6743773991072029563_o

Stéphane Cabel, guest speaker at AdaptLab

Yesterday, Stéphane Cabel was a guest speaker at the first workshop of this years AdaptLab in Volendam, Netherlands. AdaptLab is a branch of the TorinoFilmLab of which Isabelle is one of the co-founder. Stéphane Cabel gave a masterclass about his experience as a scriptwriter who have been confronted to the adaptation issue on half the projects in his filmography.

To know more about AdaptLab, please click on the logo.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-21 à 18.41.46

New Prize for Challat of Tunis

Congratulations to Kaouther Ben Hania whose mockumentary Challat of Tunis continues its world tour and has just won the  Discovery Award at the Traverse City Film Festival in the US. We have been following Kaouther's project from the first stages of the writing to it's cannes debut among the ACID selection. 


Guillaume Senez's Keeper in Locarno

We have "met" Guillaume Senez's Keeper at the Namur Coproduction Forum and we were lucky enough to be involved in the development process of this project by its producer, Isabelle Truc... A few years later, we are delighted to see it's been selected at the Locarno Film Festival. At Locarno, Keeper won the Europa Cinemas Label.

We are also happy to hear that Trois fois Le Caire (Three times Cairo) by Julia Bunter (produced by Yasmine Abd El Aziz, Nouvelle Tribu) won a 20 000 CHF grant from the SSA (Swiss Society of Authors).


Publishing scrutiny 2015

book-club-beach-2Summer holidays are the perfect moment to read... and the Initiative Film team scans the books which are to come out next September for the "Rentrée Littéraire" releases, in order to find gems which will nourish the different books scoutings for adaptations we are leading for directors and / or producers.
Even though the booklet concerning the most adaptable books to be released in september will be mostly about French books (and in French !) we have several booklets in English, ready to be purchased, whether they are gathering books thematically (comedy, drama) or by coproduction possibilities (in Europe, in the USA...).

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Initiative Film's scrutiny service :


This trip to Tbilissi, and this tailor made workshop are the results of a constant exchange between our Georgian interlocutors and the team of Initiative Film. The debate will be based on the question of the adaptation but we will also discuss the main topics related to feature film projects development.


Jerusalem International Film Lab Pitching Event 2015

This year's Jerusalem International Film Lab Pitching Event’s first prize was awarded to Itamar Alcalay for his film « Darkroom » and the second Prize of 20 000 $ was awarded to Ferit Karahan, for his script The death of Black Horses which we have been following for 5 years and who we have scouted for the Lab in 2014.

The prize was awarded by a jury amongst which was Laszlo Nemes, previous Initiative Film scouted participant  who has since then been selected at the Cannes Film Festival official competition with his debut film developped at the Lab « Son of Saul ».

We have been scouting for the Jerusalem International Film Lab since 2011 and so far, the awards for internationals participants went exclusively to our scouts.

Philppe Lacôte was the first one in July 2012 wining the 1st prize with RUN (Semaine de la Critique in Cannes in 2014), followed by Ivan Marinovic, winner of the second prize in 2014 and Ferit Karahan this year.

Congratulations to Ferit, we are proud and happy to share these news with you.

Death of black horses

TorinoFilmLab Alumni Meeting 2015

Besides supporting emerging filmmakers from all over the world through training, development and funding activities, TorinoFilmLab promotes the building of a dynamic community of international film people comprising their former participants, trainers, guests and partners.

For this reason since 2012, TorinoFilmLab organizes an annual TorinoFilmLab Alumni Meeting, a networking event conceived to exchange experiences and to share ideas with former participants from all TFL programmes. Once a year, our former participants have a chance to rejoin with fellow trainees and tutors as well as to meet new, exciting people.

As Savina Neirotti likes to say, the TFL is a community before all, and the Alumni Meeting is a moment when the members of the community get together and focuses on the events of the year in the perspective of the upcoming workshops.

Isabelle Fauvel will be in Karlovy Vary from July 8 to 12, Initiative Film as an AdaptLab partner and Isabelle as Tutor and Head of Studies.

Karlovy Vary 50th International Film Festival

MFI 2015

From the 26th of June to the 4th of July, isabelle Fauvel will be at the MFI Script 2 Film workshop in Nyssiros, Greece, to bring her expertise in the development of 30 selected projects.

To know more about MFI (Mediterranean Film Institute), click on the picture.



During our long collaboration with PS Production and Xavier Grin, we've been lucky enough to follow Body's development, which offers a generous gaze upon the unrecognized world of body building.
The film was just released in Switzerland, click on the image for more information.


Isabelle Fauvel to take part in the « Animation Business Seminar » in Warsaw.

Isabelle Fauvel will be a guest speaker at the Animation Business Seminar in Warsaw on the 9th and 10th of June, where she will talk about litterary adaptation, and more specifically about books as inspiration to animation films.
Aimed primarily at producers, directors and screenwriters of films and animation series, this seminar is also to all other participants of the Polish audiovisual sector.

More information and program HERE.

Animation Business Seminar Warsaw

June the 1st, 22 years

It’s been 22 years today that Initiative Film exists.This adventure would’ve never been possible without the collaborators that have succeeded one another, including many of our interns, each one bringing inventiveness and energy, and of course without our clients, who have trusted us and with some of whom we’ve been working with since the creation of the company.

None of this would’ve been possible without the fundamental encounters or the privileged settings of these encounters.Preserving the singularity of this company, opening the range of possibilities and of the geographical horizons, has always been the main focus of our concerns.

Thanks to the scriptwriters, directors, producers, publishers, writers, composers, festivals, labs, films schools, and the universities we have worked with to allow us to reinvent ourselves at your side.

Shoot the book ! Catalogue 2015

For those of you who were not in Cannes or unable to attend the SHOOT THE BOOK! event please find  the catalogue where  you will be able to find all the data of concerned publishers, and a presentation of the books presented and some extras.





Cannes' Grand Prix du Jury for Laszlo Nemes' Son of Saul

To accompany talent means to be attentive, not always play a major role but be there, believe in it.

Laszlo Neme's talent was so obvious that getting in touch with him was necessary. Accompanying him consisted in a few conversations, and, a few years later, to scout him for the Jerusalem International Film Lab.

Beyond the happiness and pride to see him win the Grand Prix in Cannes lies the joy and satisfaction to see that his high standards and his idea of cinema can still exist and appeal to the highest level.

Congratulations Laszlo !

Laszlo Nemes

Shoot the book, second edition

Great second edition of Shoot the book ! at the Cannes Film Festival, we are thrilled to be associated to the reflexion, the organization and the event.

Read the full article on Livres Hebdo.

Shoot the book 2nd edition

A new website

Our previous website having been outdated for a long time, for Initiative Film’s 22nd anniversary, it was time to conceive a new one.
Here it is, and it will keep on evolving but it already gives an idea of our work, our philosophy, our services as well as our identity.

As it’s online at the start of the festival, let’s start with our news regarding Cannes.
Isabelle will be there from the 17th to the 21st of may, among other things for :

The Networking Sessions of the Arab Cinema Center on the 17th of May
She will also conduct Shoot the Book ! and on the 20th of May, she will take part in a workshop during the Short Film Corner.

This year in cannes, we are particularly thrilled to see Son of Saul by Laszlo Nemes - whose great talent we’ve been following since 2008 and who we have scouted for the Jerusalem International Film Lab – only first feature in the Official Competition.
We are also delighted to see Lamb by Gabriel Zeleke in the Un Certain Regard section, produced by Ama Ampadu, to which we brough a friendly contribution.

Congratulations to the producers and the directions who we have worked with in the past and who have a film selected in Cannes, like Joëlle Bertossa (producer), Nabil Ayouch (writer-director, producer) and Razvan Radulescu (screenwriter).
Congratulations to Morgan Simon as well at the Atelier de la Cinéfondation. We’ve been following him for three years and we have also scouted him for the Jerusalem International Film Lab.
And of course, congratulations to all the others.

Have a great Festival !

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