Morgan Simon (director)

"Isabelle knows how to see, understand and convince. She supported me with all the trust and goodwill a writer and his project require. She defended my vision because she passionately believed in it, even at times where I couldn’t do it myself. I felt confortable to such an extent that I could show her my fear. You don’t get to meet many honest and clear-sighted people like her, people who don’t change their mind overnight. Isabelle knew how to be the breeze and the tornado I needed."

Morgan Simon, director of A taste of Ink, released in France on January 25th, 2017

L’image contient peut-être : 2 personnes, texte


Initiative Film Development Grant 2016 // And the winner is...

In 2010, the greek film industry was already showing signs of an exceptionally exciting revival but seriously damaged by the crisis. 

In 2011, a rapid dialog with Marie-Pierre Macia, Angeliki Vergou and the Agora team of the Thessaloniki festival, led us to create the Initiative Film Prize, distributed to one of the projects presented during Crossroads, of a value of 3000 euros. 

This prize includes 9 months of professional follow-up on the development of the chosen project, both on the script and on the development strategy and its networking. We have by three times rewarded a 2nd prize, equivalent to a global consultation on the project, without a follow-up. 

In 6 years, we have rewarded 8 projects (including 2016), of whom 2 of them have been shot (Park and Cosmic Candy), 1 of them is being shot (Virus), and another in production (Tailor)

We have the intention of making this partnership productive with Crossroads and the greek cinema in general ! 

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Isabelle Fauvel in Thessaloniki

Isabelle is attending Crossroads, the co-production forum of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, and the Locarno Industry Academy International, a training program for the young professionals of the cinema industry.

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