What others say


« Working with Initiative Film was a mind-opening experience for me, Isabelle’s unique talent for concise analysis along with her drive, wisdom and passion took our project to a much higher level. She is invaluable for any project’s development stage. » Emine Yildirim, Screenwriter, Turkey

“Through Iniative Film, Isabelle Fauvel always come to writers, producers and projects with a vision. A singular, different vision. We know how much the current film industry is made of families, clans, each looking at the others with a distant and indifferent glance. People are happy with what they are. Thanks to Isabelle, I met, as a writer, directors I wouldn’t have normally meet, and some films were born out of that. Thanks to her, I met some producers I « wonderfully » ignored, and I teamed with them on my second feature. This is what Isabelle Fauvel helps creating when we work together. Unplanned encounters, a mix of styles, of borders which she enjoys tearing down to push us beyond our boundaries. Because she knows that it’s how films are made. I believe that she is deeply convinced that cinema is the other, the encounter of the other. Because without the other, what could we do ? Just like in real life in some way !”Olivier Torres, Writer-Director, France


« Isabelle knows how to see, understand and convince. She supported me with all the trust and goodwill a writer and his project require. She defended my vision because she passionately believed in it, even at times where I couldn’t do it myself. I felt confortable to such an extent that I could show her my fear. You don’t get to meet many honest and clear-sighted people like her, people who don’t change their mind overnight. Isabelle knew how to be the breeze and the tornado I needed. » Morgan Simon, Director, Cannes, Atelier 2015, France

« Iniative Film renewed my trust in my own writing and film making abilities. I had come to a state of despondency which was almost definitive. Thanks to my collaboration with Isabelle Fauvel, I was able to get my different projects back on tracks. The strength of her company is the care and time dedicated to development, a time much often neglected, but which takes its full value here. » Christian Volckman, Director, France

« During the development of the adaptation for the screen of Fegato e Cuore by Alessandro Marchi (Book Salad, 2012), the advice and expertise of Isabelle Fauvel have been a precious help. Without ever favoring a unique direction, Isabelle knows how to ask the essential questions which have guided me on a structural level as much as on a personal one to make the right choices, strengthening the narrative while keeping my connection to the story. » Luc Walpoth, Writer-Director, Switzerland

« I met Isabelle when she launched Initiative Film, as I was graduating from La Femis. At first, she worked as a production advisor on my first feature Marie baie des Anges, and soon assisted me in my writing process. That’s how a great story of both friendship and professional collaboration started. Isabelle didn’t work on all my films (because some producers mistakenly feared her knowledge, her erudition and her charisma ) but she has always been by my side, witty, intuitive, of better advice, hard-working, demanding and benevolent. She has always paid much attention to my personal path as she was pushing me forward to take detours, to renew my work, to explore new things. Her writing factory Initiative Film soon became for me a house of books, soothing when films are like tempests, inspiring when ideas run out, always available and welcoming, in every circumstances, on every topics. Isabelle Fauvel counts as one of the two or three most beautiful professional and human encounters I made in twenty years in this industry. » Manuel Pradal, Writer-director, France

« The first time I met Isabelle was in Tenerife, during a pitch session a bit unlikely. I called her five years latter to ask her to read the first draft of my screenplay RUN, and then we started to work together. We went to the Jerusalem Film Lab and we developed strategies, avoided traps, spent hours on the phone… Then, we went to Cannes together, in the section «Un certain regard », in 2014.Isabelle and Initiative Film always helped me to ask myself the right questions. » Philippe Lacôte, director-producer, Ivory Coast, Winner of the First Prize at the Jerusalem International Film Lab 2012


« Initiative Film is Ali Baba’s cave in which the forty thieves are willing to share their invaluable treasure with you. » Claude Waringo, Producer, Samsa Films, Luxemburg

« During the early stages of developing the new script by Yahya Alabdallah « Me Myself and Murdoch » we got a chance to cooperate with Initiative Film, we wanted to make sure that we were on the right track , we had a lovely idea that had to be developed right, it has its own purity and originality that is so sensitive to be placed internationally for its political and cultural perspective .
With Initiative Film, we were not alone, we had a shadow that cares about us all the time, we had the logical brain that analyzed our words and action, the most important, there was an outsider voice that asked all the WHYS and kept reminding us to stay on track. » Rula Nasser, Producer, Jordan

« The great quality of Initiative Film is it’s reactivity. Whether it’s at the stage of the first idea of a movie or at the screening during the ongoing editing, I always appreciate my conversations with Isabelle Fauvel. The advice and ressources proposed have always been useful to me to move forward witha project. » Xavier Grin, ¨Producer, Switzerland

« I met Isabelle Fauvel when she was in charge of Flash Film, during the first showing of Mahabaharata that I have produced. She congratulated me and then disapared from the cinéma world, until that day : I saw her sortir from the kitchen of the restaurant where I was lunching every day. Isabelle Fauvel resigned from Flash Film and decided to learn how to cook, 20 years before Top Chef ! When she created Initiative Film, we were « great food mates » and naturally, I became one of her first client. We are still working together. Her way of working is flexible. It depends on projects or producers ; it can go from a simple conversation to deep research of directors or books. Isabelle is like a a psychologist, a midwife who knows how to give birth to ideas. » Michel Propper, Producer, France

« I have met Isabelle Fauvel in Nisyros, where I attended one of her lectures in development. Since then we have worked together on various projects and occasions, and I always consult her and seek her advice. She has an extensive network of international contacts and vast experience in the film industry and particularly the development process, which she approaches with deep insight and intuition, and fruitful analytical skills. In my mind she understands thoroughly the subtle intricacies of the development process, in its multi aspects and that is not only script editing and project development but also the creative team interpersonal dynamics and how they evolve over time, and how they influence the project itself, during this long and painful process. This is a rare talent, and what makes her approach and her company so unique. » Yorgos Tsougiannis, Producer, Greece


« Les Éditions Aux Forges de Vulcain » is an independent publishing house. Because of our size and our tools, the cinema’s world was unreachable to us. However, the Région Ile de France commission invited us to work wih Initiative Films. They who took over one of our books (Les femmes n’aiment pas les hommes qui boivent / Women don’t like men who drink, by François Szabowski) and spouted out the genius of this text – and is potential adaptation. The text was presented during Le festival de Cannes, for the event « Shoot the Book » ;now we have real exchanges with films makers, screen writters, production company who follow our work. Thanks to you ! » David Meulemans, Editions Aux forges de Vulcain, France

« As a script supervisor, the sharing of experiences transmitted by Isabelle Fauvel and her team helped me improve my script reading skills, my understanding of screenplays in order to appreciate the personal world of an author and to adapt my participation on a shooting.

Accurate analyses, clever advices to highlight the potential of a story and to expose the unexpected qualities of a screenplay, a vibrant and delightful whirlwind way to think the adaptation context and economic restrictions, it is what I had the chance to learn thanks to the several discussion I had with Initiative Film. » Estelle Bault, continuity supervisor, France

We have worked with

Directors / screenwriters / writers such as :

Eliette ABECASSIS / Oren ADAF (Israel) / Yahya ALABDALLAH (Jordan) / Philippe ANDRÉ /Jean-Jacques ANNAUD / Emmanuelle ANTILLE (switzerland) / Eric ASSOUS / Fanny ARDANT / Hicham AYOUCH (Morocco) / Shirel AMITAY / Newton ADUAKA (Nigeria) / Sandro AGENOR / Nabil AYOUCH ( Morocco) /

Kadir BALCI (Flanders) / Lionel BAILLIU / Bill BARLUET / Uri BAR-ON (Israel) / Kaouther BEN HANNIA (Tunisia) / Jacob BERGER (Switzerland) / Emmanuelle BERHEIM / Charles BERLING / Alain BERLINER (Belgium) / Johanne BERNARD / Ludovic BERNARD / Julie BERTUCCELLI / Jérôme BONNELL / Manuel BOURSINHAC / Gil BAUWENS / Renaud BERTRAND / GABRIEL BIGGS (Chile) / Jean BAUCHEUX / Nicolas BONILAURI / Gilles BOURDOS / Emmanuel BERHEIN / Zabou BREITMAN / Stéphane BARBATO /

Stéphane CABEL / Agnès CAFFIN / Alexandre CASTRES / Christian CARION / Frédéric CHOURAKI / Roland COLIN /

Laurent CHALUMEAU / Eric COLLINS / Laurence CÔTE / Louis Pascal COUVLAIRE / Gilles CAHOREAU /

Frédérique DEGHELT / Edouard DELUC / Philippe DE PIERPONT (Belgium) / Gaëlle DENIS / Carole DENIS / César DIAZ / Edouard Deluc / Isaac DE BANKOLÉ (Usa/Ivory COast) / Rinio DRAGASAKI (Greece) /Tom DINGLER / Isabelle DOVAL / David DRACH / Sandrine DUMAS / Dominique DYENS / Sandrine DRYVERS / Louis-Paul DESANGES / Frédéric DUFF-BARBÉ / ANdré DUSSOLIER / Stéohanie DUVIVIER / Raphaëlle DESPLECHIN /

Dima EL HORR (Libanon) / Sebastian ESCOFET (Argentina) / Selim EVCI ( Turkey) / Sofia EXARCHOU ( Greece) / MARK EACERSALL / Nadia EL FANI (Tunisia) /

David FAUCHE / François FAVRAT / Abel FERRY / Michel FESSLER / Angelos FRANTZIS (Greece) / Cheick FANTAMADY CAMARA (Guinea) / Brahim FRITA / Raphaël FRYDMAN /

Laurent GAUDE / Thomas GILOU / Amos GITAÏ ( Israel) / Hélène GUETARY / Jacek GASIOROWSKI ( Poland) / Delphine GLEIZE / Vani GANDOLFO (Italy )

Philippe HAIM / Marion HÄNSEL ( Belgium) / Françoise HUGUIER /

Anne-Marie JACIR ( Palestine ) / Delphine JAQUET / Jean-Pierre JEUNET / Joel JOAN (catalonia)

Fabienne KANOR / Mama KEÏTA / Yannick KERGOAT / Eran KOLIRIN ( Israel) / Beryl KOLTZ ( Luxembourg) / Diane KURYS / Sonia Liza KENTERMAN ( Greece) / Ferit KARAHAN (Turkey) /

Antoine LACOMBLEZ / Philippe LACOTE / Louis LAGAYETTE / Thibault LANG-WILLAR / Hicham LASRI (Morocco) / Rafael LEWANDOWSKI ( Poland) / Elisabet LIADO (Spain/Belgium) / Jean-Paul LILIENFELD / Philippe LOCQUET / Salvatore LISTA / Louis LANHER / Alfred LOT /

Alain MABANCKOU (Congo) / Magali MAGISTRY / Marco MANCASSOLA ( Italy) / Philip MARTINS / Rashid MASHARAWI ( Palestine) / Zacharias MAVROEIDIS ( Greece) / Gaël MOREL / Michel MULLER / Djo MUNGA (Congo) / GLADY MARCIANO / Jacques MALATERRE /Mathieu MANTOVANI /

Fred NICOLAS / Raphaël NADJARI /

Halima OUARDIRI (Morocco/ Switzerland ) / Ülkü OKTAY (Turkey) / Erik ORSENNA / Santiago OTHEGUY (Argentine) /

Chantal PELLETIER / Damien PEYRET / Manuel POUTTE / Manuel PRADAL / Martin PROVOST / Leon PRUDOVSKY ( Israel ) / Gilles PAQUET BRENNER / Vincent PEREZ / PITOF / Aude PY ( Switzerland) /

Tarique QAYUMI (USA/Afghanistan)

Razvan RADULESCU ( Romania) / Julien RAMBALDI / Vincent RAVALEC / Jawad RHALIB ( Marocco) / Nicolas REY / Sophie ROBERT / Tatia ROSENTHAL ( Usa) / Anne ROUMANOFF / Francis RENAUD / Régis ROINSART / Sebastien ROUGEMONT / YVES RAMONET / Alexandre REVEREND / Patrick RAYNAL /

Fawzi SALEH ( Egypt) / Adam SANDERSON (Israel) / Toumani SANGARE (Mali) / Guillaume SENEZ ( Belgium) / Tom SHOVAL ( Israel) / Morgan SIMON / Michel SPINOSA / Fred SAUREL / Yann SAMUELL / SLONY SOW / Steve SUISSA /

Nadim TABET ( Libanon) / Olivier TORRES / TRAN-ANH Hung / AKLI TADJER / Hany TAMBA ( Libanon) /

Louis Stéphane ULYSSE

Petr VACLAV / Jean-Claude VAN RIJCKEGHEM ( flanders) / Pascal VASSELIN / Christian VOLCKMAN / Govinda VAN MAELE (Luxembourg) /

Anne WIAZEMSKY / Stanley WOODWARD / Anna WIECZUR BLUCZ (Pologne) /

François YANG ( Switzerland) / Keren YEDAYA( Israel) / Emine YILDIRIM (Turquie) /

Erick ZONCA / Ruxandra ZENIDE (Suisse / Roumanie) /

We have worked for

Producers / publishers / public organisations / festivals / training programs such as :

26 PROD, Paul Boujenah, Paris

A CONTRA LUZ FILM, Xavi Granada, Barcelona / ADAM MICKIEWICZ INSTITUTE Warsow / ANGA PRODUCTIONS, André Logie, Brussels / L’AGENCE RHÔNE-ALPES POUR LE LIVRE ET LA DOCUMENTATION, (ARALD), Lyon / A PRIVATE VIEW, Dries Phlypo, Gent / ABBOUT Productions, Georges Schoucair, Beyrouth / ACAJOU Films, Pascal Judelewicz, Paris / ATELIER DU CINEMA EUROPÉEN, (ACE), Ronan Girren, Paris / AETERNAM FILMS, Francesca Feder, Arnaud Louvet, Paris / ANDOLFI Production, Arnaud Dommerc, Paris / ARGONAUTS, Maria Tsigka, Athens / ASAP FILMS, Cedomir Kolar, Paris / AVENUE B, Caroline Bonmarchand, Paris / ALBIN MICHEL, Marie Dormann, Paris / AQUARIUM, Emilien Bignon, Paris

BACON FICTION, Riina Spørring Zachariassen, Copenhaguen / BANANA FILMS, Jean Luc Van Damme, Brussels / BANDONEON, Dominique Crèvecoeur, Paris / BALTHAZAR, Jérôme Dopffer, Paris / BEBEN FILMS, Amanda Livanou, Athens / BIG PRODUCTIONS, Julien Rambaldi, Paris / BIZIBI, Emmanuel Agneray, Paris / BLONDE, Fenia Cosovitsa, Athens / BOREAL FILMS, Daniel Morin, Montreal / BOREALES, Fred Fougea, Paris / Bureau International de l’Edition Française, (BIEF), Paris / BANSHEE FILMS, Philippe Lacôte, Paris / BOX PRODUCTIONS, Elena Tatti, Geneva /

CAN DO FILMS, Nicolas Jourdier, Paris / CIMED, Alain Sebaoun, Paris / CINEFOROM, Geneva / CINEMA DE FACTO, Tom Dercourt, Paris / CINETELEFILMS, Habib Attia, Tunis /CINEUROPA, Valérie Caruso, Brussels / CLANDESTINE FILMS, Juliette Grandmont, Paris / CLOSE UP FILMS, joëlle Bertossa, Geneva / CROSS ROADS, Thessalonic /

DMG FILMS, Nicolas de Monplanet, Francis Gérald, Paris / DONNA FILMS, Catherine Barra, Paris / DUO PRODUCTIONS, Gudrun Edda Torhannesdottir, Reykjavik / DVG MEDIA, Vadim Dumesh, Riga / DYRRACHIUM PRODUCTION, Dhimitri Ismailaj, New-York /

EAUX VIVES PRODUCTIONS, Xénia Maingot, Paris / ELEMIAH, Yamina Benguigui, Paris / ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP, Diana Elbaum, Brussels / EUROMED AUDIOVISUEL, Valerio Caruso, Brussels / EZ FILMS, Elie Meirovitz, Paris / EAUX VIVES PRODUCTION, Xenia Maingot, Paris / EKLEKTIK PRODUCTIONS, Marie Besson, Brussels / ERAFILM, Robert Budina, Tirana / EVCI FILM, Mediha Diden Türemen, Istanbul /

FATCAT FILMS, Antoine Cayrol, Paris / FAYARD, Ariane Foubert, Paris / FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU CINEMA MEDITERRANEEN (CINEMED), Montpellier / FIFF, Namur / FILM CLINIC, Mohammed Hefzy, Cairo / LES FILMS FAUVES, Gilles Chanial, Luxemburg / FLACH FILM, Jean-François Lepetit, Paris / FLAMMARION, Laure Saget, Paris / FOCAL, Geneva / FOLAMOUR, Marie Génin, Paris / FOUR CORNERS, Londres / FIDELITÉ, Olivier Delbosc, Paris / FORUM FILMS Robert Lalonde, Montreal / FRICERO FILMS, Emmanuel Fricero, Paris /

GALATEE FILMS, Paris / The GANG FILMS, Jean Villiers, Paris / GEDEON, Jean-Pierre SAIRE, Paris / GEORGIAN NATIONAL FILM CENTER, Tbilissi / GLORIA FILMS, Laurent Lavolé, Paris / GPA FILMS, Marcel Giroux, Montreal / GIYOTIN FILMS, Bertrand Glosset, Istanbul / GREEN FILM, Dan Burlac, Bucarest /

HAUT ET COURT, Carole SCOTTA, Caroline BENJO, Paris / HOBBY ONE MULTIMEDIA, Roland Collin, Sophia Antipolis / HORSEFLY PRODUCTIONS, Yorgos Tsourgiannis, Athens /

ICE 3, Louis Becker, Paris / THE IMAGINARIUM FILMS, Rula Nasser, Amman / INSTITUT FRANÇAIS, Toronto / IOTA FILMS, Isabelle Truc, Brussels / IRIS PRODUCTIONS, Nicolas Steil, Luxemburg /

/ JULY AUGUST PRODUCTIONS, Eilon Ratzkovsky, Tel Aviv /

KULE FILM, Zeynep Daldal, Istanbul / KWAI, Thomas Bourguignon, Paris /

LA PROD, Lamia Chraibi, Casablanca / LA CHAUVE SOURIS, Eric NEVE, Paris / LEFT FIELD VENTURES, John Engels, Marie Queffeulou, Brussels / Les FILMS DE L’APRES-MIDI, François d’Artemare, Paris / LES FILMS D’ICI, Serge Lalou, Paris / Les FILMS DU KIOSQUE, François Kraus, Paris / Les FILMS PELLEAS, Philippe Martin, Paris / LES FILMS SAUVAGES , Jean Christophe Soulageon, Paris / Les FILMS DU POISSON, Yael Fogiel, Laetitia GONZALES, Paris / LOBSTER FILMS, Serge Bromberg, Paris / LES FILMS FAUVES, Gilles Chanial, Luxembourg / LA MOUCHE DU COCHE FILMS, Yan Gilbert, Paris / LES TROIS FONT LA PAIRE, Anne-Laure Guégan, Brussels / LES PRODUITS FRAIS, Damien Lagogué, Paris / LOGIQUE NOUVELLE, Yannick Kergoat, Paris / LUXOR AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL, Azza Elhosseiny, Cairo /

MADNESS, Vanessa Fourgeaud, Paris / MAGNIFICAT FILMS, Laurent Thiry, Paris / MANDARIN TV, Gilles de Verdière, Paris / MAN’S FILMS, Marion Hansel, Brussels / MARATHON, Paris / MARNI FILMS, Phaedra Vokali, Athens / MÉDIATIQUE Moctar BA, Dakar / MEDITERRANEAN FILM INSTITUTE, (MRI), Athens / METAFILMS, Nancy Grant, Montreal / MEETING ON THE BRIDGE, Gülin Üstün, Istanbul / MFI, Hooksett / MILLE SABORDS, Laurent Lemarchand, Paris / MOTIVO FILMS, Gokce Isil Tuna, Istanbul / MP PRODUCTION, Michel Propper, Paris / MURMURES PRODUCTIONS, Alain Degove, Paris / TORINO FILM LAB, (TFL), Torino /

NORD-OUEST, Christophe Rossignon, Philip Boeffard, Paris / NOUVELLE TRIBU FILMS, Yasmine Abd El Aziz, Geneva / NOVAK PROD, Olivier Dubois, Brussels /


PAN PRODUCTION, Rita El Queissar, Casablanca / PANORAMA FILMS, Gregory Barret, Paris / PARMI LES LUCIOLES, Jérôme Duc-Maugé, Lyon / PERSPECTIVE FILMS, Isabelle Mathy, Paris / LE PETIT BUREAU, Bertrand Faivre, Paris / PLUS DE PROD, Jérémie Chevret, Lyon / PS PRODUCTION, Xavier Grin, Lausanne / PEEDJEE FILMS, Philippe GUEZ, Paris / PREMIER JUIN, Delphine Barret, Paris / PANACHE PRODUCTIONS, André Logie, Paris / LES PRODUITS FRAIS, Damien Lagogué, Paris /

Q & Q HOLDINGS LTD, Tarique Qayumi, Vancouver / QUAIS du POLAR, Lyon /

RHÔNE-ALPES CINEMA, yon / ROOM 237, Rémy Diaz, Paris /

SAM SPIEGEL FILM & TV SCHOOL, Jerusalem / SAME PLAYER, Vincent Roget, Paris / SAMSA FILMS, Claude Waringo, Luxemburg / SANAD LAB, Abu Dhabi /SOCIETE CIVILE DES EDITEURS DE LANGUE FRANÇASIE, (SCELF), Paris / SENORITA FILMS, Rita Daguer, Paris / SISTER PRODUCTIONS, Julie Paratian, Paris / SOFIA MEETINGS, Sofia / SOMBRERO FILMS, Alain Benguigui, Paris / SORTILEGE, Florence Dormoy, Paris / SOPHIE DULAC PRODUCTIONS, Michel Zana, Paris / SUNRISE FILMS, Anne Rapczyk, Paris /

TCHIN TCHIN PRODUCTION, Gaëtan David, Paris / TEN 2 TEN FILMS,Gwenaëlle Clauwaert, Paris / TESA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, Louis Lagayette, London / TOYS FILMS, Karen Vernimmen, Paris / TS PRODUCTION, Miléna Poylo, Paris /


WAT PRODUCTIONS, Arnauld de Battice, Liege / WINDS, Barthélemy Fougea, Paris / WY PRODUCTIONS, Wassim Béji, Paris / WHAT’S UP FILMS, Matthieu Belghiti, Paris /

YAPIM LAB, Istanbul /

ZEBRA PRODUCTIONS, Njolli Mahoho, Nairobi / ZORBA PRODUCTIONS, Guillaume de la Boulaye, Paris



Isabelle Fauvel
Elle a travaillé comme productrice chez Flach Film, où elle a coproduit Leolo de Jean-Claude Lauzon, Chine ma douleur de Dai Sije, Bezness de Nouri Bouzid. En 1993, elle a fondé Initiative Film, la première société de conseil en développement de longs- métrages en France. Depuis, elle a travaillé avec des réalisateurs et des scénaristes, ou des producteurs en France comme à l’international ; la société est notamment spécialisée dans le suivi d’écriture, la recherche de sujets de films et l’organisation de « castings d’auteurs ». Par ailleurs, Isabelle Fauvel a conçu et organisé des rencontres professionnelles pointues, passerelles entre différents secteurs comme le monde de l’édition littéraire et le cinéma ou celui de la musique et du cinéma. Elle est l’auteur d’ouvrages professionnels et notamment de Développer un projet pour le cinéma (Dixit 2001). Depuis 1996, Isabelle Fauvel fait également des interventions régulières tant en France qu’à l’étranger (Medea, Aristote, Médiscript). Elle est responsable du contenu d’Étonnants Scénarios depuis l’origine.


Les nouveaux passeurs

Ce soulagement, Elisabeth Beyer le doit à des sociétés devenues incontournables pour les maisons d’édition. Ainsi Initiative Film, fondée en 1993 par Isabelle Fauvel, qui prospecte des livres pour réalisateurs et producteurs : «Notre but : briser la solitude des auteurs, des réalisateurs ou des producteurs à un moment où l’argent manque et peut être gaspillé. Cela a pris du temps, mais, aujourd’hui, de plus en plus de réali sateurs nous confient leur cahier des charges.» Les rencontres que cette société initie vont des réalisateurs débutants, comme Sophie Boudre, aux confirmés, comme Jean-Pierre Jeunet, de romans français, comme Teen Spirit, de Virginie Despentes, aux étrangers, comme Le Mec de la tombe d’à côté, de Katarina Mazetti.


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