Eleni Kossyfidou, Producer, Greece

I firstly met Isabelle at Crossroads Thessaloniki in 2014. Being a constant consultant for all the projects that are participating we met and discussed about my project of that time. You can at once understand her vast experience on scripts and development process, her generosity on giving targeted information and directions and her passion for cinema.

Then we met again in 2015, at MFI script workshop. We attended her lecture on development and after our meeting  she undertook the script of the project “The River” by Haris  Raftogiannis and Nikos Leros. Her reactivity with comments and notes was fast and very effective. Both the screenwriters adopted her input and proceeded in changes.   

In November 2016 she offered us her consultancy script award, Crossroads again, for the project Fantasia by Alexis Kardaras. This time we worked more closely and I realized how important is her feedback and proposals. Initiative Film’s report was amazing concerning the analysis of the plot, the characters and the rhythm of the script. Isabelle caught perfectly the theme,  the issues below the lines and the wants of the director. She raised questions that helped us a lot to improve the narration and the context of the script. It is a unique experience to work with Isabelle and her team.  I think her as an angel who is always there and takes care keeping you on the right path.

Eleni Kossyfidou, producer, Greece.

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