Tinatin Kajrishvili at La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde in Cannes

citizen saint

Congratulations to Tinatin Kajrishvili whose project Citizen Saint has been selected for the Cannes La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde.
Citizen Saint is produced by Lasha Khalvashi for Gemini productions.

Last year, Tinatin and her project were part of the workshop centered around adaptation that Initiative Film created for the Georgian National Film Center where she worked with tutor Nikos Panayatopoulos and Isabelle Fauvel.

One day, the statue of a crucified saint comes to life. None of the investigators, government officials or locals know what to do with him. The Saint is accused of damaging artwork, ruining the city’s only tourist attraction and being a swindler. Everyone agrees: a saint’s place is on the cross. After interminable discussions, they put him back on his cross and crucify him again. Mary, an employee in a the city’s local museum, wants to protect him.

Tinatin Kajrishvili

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