Happy New Year !

More than 20 years of fruitful collaboration with Stéphane Cabel, French screenwriter who offers us two humorous testimonies to end the year on a high note.
We wish you all a Happy New Year ! 

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A testimony by Stéphane C., professional script writer, Paris :

« In Spring 99, a well-wishing friend (God bless him) advised me to contact Initiative Film, a brand new company directed by the charismatic Isabelle Fauvel, specialised in the developing of audiovisual projects.

More than one thankful client testified that they were efficient and highly qualified. As far as I was concerned, I was having professional troubles. As an autodidact, I had written a sci-fi saga of 46 episodes of 90 minutes each, hoping, as cracy as it can be, to seduce a big production company.

… But, after a few fruitless trials, the film industry wonderland seemed unreachable to me ! 

Some days later, I presented myself in the office of Initiative Film, Isabelle Fauvel received me in person. I can not, alas, tell you what we discussed about because of legal reasons…

However, only 24 hours after this first meeting, I met a Parisian producer she introduced to me. It was the first time I met a producer instead of getting some standard letter telling my script would not fit.

This professional man spoke to me frankly and explained why my project had no chance to see the light in such a context. But, he found qualities in the writing and promised he would give me a try if the opportunity arose.

I did not have to wait long for the positive influence of Isabelle to show once again :

my producer was looking for script writers for an animated film : after a brief casting, I had my first author contract. I was so proud, but it was just the beginning : months later, another contract, and, this time, for a feature film !

I took the charge of it brilliantly and the film was a great success all around the world… as if by magic !

… As my writing improved, I started to get connections with professionals of this sphere. Through contact with those personnalities, sometimes picturesque, always brilliant, I increased my acknowledgement of the script-writing, a fantastic and remunerative task.

Only ten years after meeting Isabelle, my situation had completely changed ! 

I do not have enough time to evoke a long road punctuated by successes in the strict respect of the rule !

But these are facts : after years of practical work-outs and thanks to Isabelle Fauvel’s secret powers and to her team, I am, nowadays, a sensei in the art of scriptwriting. I took part in many projects and encountered international success.

I owe it all to Isabelle Fauvel.

You too can meet Isabelle and fulfill your wildest dreams ! »

* * *

Merry Christmas to you all !


* * *

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce the Great, the Outstanding, the Best international words healer :


For she can high-kick your structure issues as no black belt would ever be able to

For she shall teach you the Seven Great Secrets of the scriptwriting art

For she has graduated from the best universities


While others fail, she succeeds ; she manages to solve every single issue you have to deal with whether you are an author or a producer : if your narratives arcs get beaten by the evil commissions that will not raise funds to help you or if you can not find the one magical book to adapt, just come by the Rue Sainte-Cécile, stop at the door of Initiative Film, and penetrate a world where your everyday troubles vanish. It is magical !

If your author left you, or if your producer shut the door in your face, she will make him come back on his knees, and kowtow like a dog at his master’s feet.

Fundraising ? Release from a spell ? Special love potions dedicated to the CNC in the strict compliance of the law ? She can do that.

Sold as an option : telepathically hard disk repairing, return of the beloved and the winning of your favorite Cesar (except Julius) thanks to her prodigious power

All of that in a complete secrecy. Thousands of clients say : « Thank you Madam Fauvel !»


* * *

To be continued …

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